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30 April 2020

1.5-Metre captain armbands for retailers

Retailers on Groene Hilledijk and Beijerlandselaan wear green and white captain armbands to inform customers of the 1.5-metre rule.

For the safety of retailers and their customers, a distance of about two arm lengths is needed to keep from infecting each other with the coronavirus. To point this out to customers at stores on Beijerlandselaan and Groene Hilledijk, the Alliantie Hand in Hand has made green and white captain armbands available for shopkeepers and their employees to wear in the store.

What is the Alliantie Hand in Hand?

Together with residents, entrepreneurs and property owners, the Alliantie Hand in Hand is working on turning the Beijerlandselaan and Groene Hilledijk into a lovely place to live, work and shop again, in the period from 2019 to 2029. The Alliantie Hand in Hand works intensively with the BIZ owners/users, the municipality of Rotterdam, Woonstad Rotterdam, Feyenoord City, the National Programme Rotterdam Zuid (NPRZ), InHolland, Humanitas, Politie Eenheid Rotterdam, the Public Prosecution Service, artists, residents and various market parties. Ronald Schouten is a member of the Alliantie communications team and is the man behind the captain armbands.

Welcome, but keep a distance of 1.5 metres!

‘The initiative of the safety officials (stadsambtenaren) and local police officers of Rotterdam Zuid, who place 1.5-metre stripes on sidewalks, continues throughout Rotterdam. And it just got easier because special templates have now been made that can be used for this. It makes it easy to paint a line of 1.5 metres on the sidewalk. The template is now also being used in other parts of Rotterdam. We also came up with something for the shops.’

How did you come up with the idea of ​​captain armbands?

‘Because not everyone who shops here understands Dutch, I was looking for a creative way to help retailers keep enough distance. A friend of mine supplies captain armbands to all the football clubs in England. Together with him, I came up with the idea of ​​a captain armband in the Rotterdam colours. The armband says to keep a metre and a half away. It stands out and, because of the use of the symbols and simple text, it works well.

How many retailers wear the armband?

‘We offered the captain armbands to about 150 people. Not everyone wears one, sometimes because the entrepreneur has chosen to use other means to ask customers to keep their distance, and of course, some shops are still closed and not yet allowed to open.’

 What are the reactions like?

‘The shopkeepers are enthusiastic and the reactions of the public on social media and our website www.hand-in-hand.nu are also positive. Other organisations have also expressed interest. For example, Buurtpreventie has ordered one hundred and sixty armbands with the Rotterdam logo for the members of their neighbourhood watch teams. Anyone interested in the armbands for their organisation can send an email to ronald@gerser.nl. I will then send them the supplier’s details. Retailers on Boulevard Zuid who want an armband can send an email with their contact details to info@hand-in-hand.nu.’

 Do you have any other plans?

‘The Alliantie Communication Team is not only devising actions that are corona-related, but we are also mainly devoting structural attention to what happens on the Beijerlandselaan and Groene Hilledijk every day. In the weekly, digital Newsflash for entrepreneurs, for example, we keep entrepreneurs informed about the ups and downs on Boulevard Zuid. During this period, we’re also very busy removing the awnings in the shopping streets. This work continues as usual. You will find beautiful pictures of this on our site.’


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Text by: Peter den Bok

Photo credits: Alliantie Hand in Hand