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27 March 2020

View Vultures on your screen!

And more! This list covers everything from comedy to vultures and from tulips to exhibitions!

Rotterdam is full of popular attractions, and almost all of them are closed due to the corona crisis. But these Rotterdam organisations also show their resilience in unfortunate times. This list covers everything from comedy to vultures and from tulips to exhibitions!

Vulture viewing

Experience spring at Rotterdam Zoo! Peek through webcams at the two Rüppells vulture pairs.

The vultures are busy brooding in their nest box near the African Vulture Rock.  You can also ‘watch remotely’ via the zoo’s webcams. Then you will also see a vulture chick is being raised by foster parents, a white-backed vulture pair. And how the marabou soon start building a nest.

Spitfree Comedy

Comedy Club Haug starts its own online comedy talk show Spitfree Comedy.

Comedy Club Haug celebrates its first anniversary this month. And because the coronavirus means it’s not possible to have a big show on location, the club is celebrating the one-year anniversary via its YouTube channel with the new live show Spitfree Comedy, a live show directed by Tim Hartog. The live show can be seen on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9 pm.

club haug

Tulip initiative

The Euromast and Aafje are offering 250 tulip bulbs from the Euromast field with a personal message to the elderly.

The Euromast, icon of Rotterdam, celebrated its 60 anniversary yesterday! What should have been a festive occasion is now doubly charged. However, the Euromast does not want to pass up its birthday. Who celebrates their birthday and that is why an action has been set up “Give the elderly a smile with a special message that day” in consultation with care organization Aafje. This action is set up to support the elderly and cheer them up with a tulip including a personal message.

Audio tour at home

The Maritime Museum is putting audio tours through the museum online so that people can admire the museum from home.

The Maritime Museum is closed, but you can now also listen to the audio tour from home! The museum staff will tell you about their favorite object from our collection, which according to experts belongs to the world top. From the paper restorer to a volunteer, from a marketer to a curator. You can hear the stories behind objects like a ship model or a painting. Download the fragments of the audio tour on your computer, tablet or phone and listen to them at home.


Around010 shows the undiscovered pearls of the city when it’s possible again.

Around010 is one of the promoters of the city when it comes to city events and tours. The team hasn’t given up now that giving physical tours is no longer possible. From 24 March, an online tour that highlights various unknown city locations will be available on the Facebook page. Refresh your knowledge about the city and find out new facts! That’s not all that Around010 has to offer! That the catering industry is having a hard time in this unpleasant situation has not escaped them. Around010 is offering the Rotterdam catering industry a gesture of support – a special tour to celebrate that the catering industry may open again in June! If you want to know more, keep an eye on the Facebook page and Instagram and buy a ticket for the tour in advance!



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Club Haug
Diergaarde Blijdorp
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