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18 May 2020

Markthal full of heart photos for healthcare

Rotterdammers can submit selfies for the glass facade of the Markthal as a statement of support to healthcare.


The first two metres of the Markthal’s glass wall will soon be covered in photos. Rotterdammers can submit photos of themselves forming a heart with their hands. The exhibition, an initiative of the YourMindBodyandSoul Foundation and the Markthal, shows support and love to all those in healthcare who are doing their best for our country during the corona crisis. Charles Dennen, the founder of YourMindBodyandSoul, talks about his initiative: the Wall of Support and Love.

What does the Wall of Support and Love project entail?

‘On the glass facade of the Markthal, we are making an exhibition of 128 photos of Rotterdammers, all forming a heart with their hands. This is our way of showing support and love to all those in healthcare. The Markthal is a great location for this project, the pictures will hang on the glass entrance (Station Blaak side) until 12 June.’

How did the idea come about?

‘I have a foundation, YourMindBodyandSoul, with which I organise campaigns and events for charities. We had a whole programme ready, but it was cancelled because of corona. I decided to come up with something new. This gave rise to the idea of doing something for healthcare together with Rotterdammers. The Markthal was keen to collaborate.’

How can people participate?

‘The project was set up as a crowdfunding campaign via GoFundMe. You can upload your photo there. Participation costs € 5, which is to pay for the photo exhibition. You can submit photos until the end of the month. Participants will also receive five postcards. You can send these cards to people you know who work in healthcare. You can also donate a card to the Markthal by writing a personal message on it to the healthcare staff in Rotterdam. We’ll then deliver the cards to various hospitals.’

What kind of response have you had to the initiative?

‘We’ve received some lovely reactions and have already got lots of photos. The Markthal is, of course, a special location to have your photo displayed.’


You can participate in the campaign until the end of the month via GoFundMe. The photos will be in the Markthal until 12 June, perhaps longer if successful. People who cannot come to the Markthal can find the pictures on the Facebook page.

Photo: Stichting YourMindBodyandSoul,


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Text by: Renee Schouwenburg
Photo credits: Iris van den Broek