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5 June 2020

More space for terraces

Restaurants can expand their terraces for the coming time. This means that there are lovely, big terraces to be found in various places in the city like the Binnenrotte, Heemraadsingel and Middellandplein.

Restaurants reopened on 1 June at noon. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the terraces in the city centre filled up quickly. Extra space was created for tables and chairs at various locations such as the Binnenrotte, Heemraadsingel and Middellandplein. The Municipality of Rotterdam decided on this to make it easier for restaurants to guarantee a distance of one and a half metres between guests. Below, you’ll find more information about the terraces in the city.


Restaurants on the Maagd van Holland square (MaHo) such as Sajoer, Bokaal and Mangiare have extended their terraces which means more space for tables and chairs. There are also a hundred picnic tables around the fountain, which means you can get chips from Tante Nel, a pizza from the Pizzabakkers or a beer from Bokaal and settle down on the self-service terrace if you prefer.


The terraces of Pol, Van Zanten, Happy Italy, Umami, Penny Pean, Humphreys and The Fish Market have been expanded into the square on the Binnenrotte. When the market is there on Tuesday and Saturday, not all of the larger terraces are open.

Restaurant van de Leur

Restaurant van de Leur on the Eendrachtsweg is allowed to use the enclosed courtyard as a terrace thanks to the relaxed regulations. At the restaurant, which used to be called Meatcave, you can order surprise dishes from the chef prepared on the Big Green Egg. This used to be only meat, but since the reopening, you can also order vegetable or fish dishes. You choose from a three to ten-course menu.


A city oasis with palm trees has been created on the Middellandplein and you can sit at a table for two on the square. Rugs will also be laid on the raised grass areas, surrounded by tables for four. Restaurants on the square include Algerian restaurant Rainarai, Bistro Belén, Food, Coffee Pancake bar NonNo and the recently opened pizza restaurant De Buffel.

 A la Plancha

For the last few years, other than 2019, restaurant A La Plancha on the Maaskade on Noordereiland has created a holiday atmosphere in the city. You can enjoy fish from the grill with a view of the water. This summer, A la Plancha has also invited its friends: other local businesses who offer their products or provide art, culture and music. As soon as the weather permits, the restaurant will reopen. Keep an eye on the website for more information.


At the intersection of Nieuwe Binnenweg and Heemraadssingel, Café Steijn, Rijke & de Wit and Café Bakeliet normally only have a terrace in front of the door. Thanks to the relaxation of the regulations, they are now also using the sidewalk on the Heemraadssingel to expand their terraces.


We are, of course, happy that restaurants are open again, but that doesn’t mean that takeaways are no longer available. Rotterdammers Christiaan Meinsma, Martin Achterhof and Tom de Groot have, therefore, created the website It provides a complete overview of the pick-up options in your area.


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Text by: Renee Schouwenburg

Photo credits:

A la Plancha
Restaurant van de Leur